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The Newest (and Best) Way to Cut Hair

Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting, talks the twist cut.




The new Tulasāra™ relies on the three doshas for form and function


How-to find balance in 4 minutes



It’s amazing how much you can get accomplished in a very little time. So…

5 Tips to Thicker Hair

While a great haircut and the proper hair color application are surefire way to help skinny strands look beautifully thicker, there are also a few fast and easy styling techniques to help hair look more lush.

Tip 1:  HANDLE WITH CARE - thin hair is delicate, so treat it gently as you can.  To avoid unnecessary…


Be prepared to be obsessed!  New advanced Aveda Skin Care Tulasara

In Salon August!

A Beauty Expert’s Guide to Being Uniquely You This Summer

Romantic Look... the Braided Updo


Bohemiam Casual look:  Beachy Waved Braids




The robust spirit of Nepal

A year since the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, the communities continue to rebuild.

In April 2015 a shocking 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit Kathmandu, Nepal. This was followed by a series of more than 400 major aftershocks of above 4 magnitudes through November 2015. Out of the 75 districts of Nepal,…

Hair How-to: Sport Chic

Going for gold requires hair that matches your momentum. Enter this taut and cool ponytail styled by Aveda Guest Artist Paul Knights, last week, for the unveiling of the British 2016 Olympic team uniform designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas.

“We wanted to create a wearable style that complemented the innovative…

Make-up How-to: Amethyst Eyes


*Create a naturally luminous complexion by first pressing a small amount of Beautifying Composition Oil™ into skin.

*Apply Inner Light™ Concealer where needed, then set lightly with Inner Light™ Mineral…

5 tips for finding your color soul mate

 Your hair is one of the first things people will notice about you, which is why the search for the perfect colorist should not be taken lightly suggests Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color. “If you find the right colorist, your hard work will be rewarded with a lasting relationship that is great for your hair and your psyche,” Ian says.

Here, Ian offers 5 tips…