A meeting of minds in Milan

Every year, Aveda Artists hone their artistic skills with the help of exhilarating education events hosted globally by Aveda. Every Aveda Artist is hungry to perfect their craft so that they can bring the best techniques to their guests. And this weekend, October 10 -11, they will unite in Milan, Italy for one of our most renowned educational events— Aveda Master Jam Europe 2016.

Nearly 2,000 industry experts are getting ready to be inspired at the European event encompassing spectacular looks in hair and makeup through artistic presentations and technical educational workshops showcased by leading Aveda Artists from around the globe. Attending artists then return to their salons to perfect their art as stylists, hair cutters, colorists, barbers and makeup professionals.

Ahead, a few of our artists share their excitement for the event, what they will be presenting and why this is so important for the industry.

“I’m going to be the master of ceremonies this year and I can’t wait to see everyone in Milan!  We have a whole host of amazing, talented and passionate Aveda Artists who are excited to share their craft with everyone on stage. And there’s going to be so many special, and distinctively Aveda, surprises!”
Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color

“Our artistic presentation will be full of color! Artists will learn about the evolution of the new Eclipting™ Color Technique. The show will be exuding happiness— that feeling when you’reoutside in nature and the sun is shining on you. This happiness will be completely reflected in the work we’ll be doing on stage.”
Jo McKay, Aveda European Technical Hair Specialist

Aveda Master Jam Europe 2014 in London:
A look by Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting.

“I really look forward to presenting with Jo McKay. We can help colorists across the globe to be true to their creativity and passion as a colorist. Master Jam is such an amazing experience for meeting and sharing ideas with colorists from other countries and at every professional level.”
— Bruno Elorrioroz, Advanced Artistic Director of the Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa in London.

“I’m so thrilled to be presenting with Team Canada. We’ll be sharing three amazing segments pulling from the specific crafts of barbering, cut/color and editorial, all created from a place of love for the Aveda Artist network. I love Master Jam because it’s wonderful to see the level of passion and talented people from the Aveda tribe that attend and come together sharing tips and tricks with one another. It’s so inspiring!”
— Tristan Morrison, Senior Educator and Creative Director, Aveda Institutes, Canada

Aveda Master Jam Europe 2014: A look by Tippi Shorter, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Textured Hair.

 “We can’t wait to showcase shaves, shapes, grooming and some strong men’s barbering techniques that are perfect for the salon. We’re going to be taking everyone on an amazing journey through Aveda’s unique points of difference. We’ll be bringing Aveda Barbering to Milan and we can’t wait!”
— Stel Nicolaou, Master Barber, Men’s European Educator and Zac Fennell, Aveda Artist, Director of Artizan

 “To present on stage with my two great friends (Stel and Zac) to an audience of like-minded talent is without a doubt a high point in my career! We have an amazing chemistry and I’m certain this will shine through on the stage. This special presentation will help equip artists with the tools they need to be the best in their crafts.”
— Paul Knights, Aveda Artist, Owner of Paul Knights Hair Spa

Aveda Master Jam Europe 2014:  A look by the Van Michael Salon team

“As the Global Fashionista Winner, it’s an honor to be presenting in Milan! And I’m so excited to present fashionable hair and eccentric runway looks!”
— Nadina Thelen, Aveda Artist, 2015 Global Fashionista Winner

“The hairstyles that Team Italy is presenting are the perfect expression of Italian Mediterranean Beauty. We’re celebrating the elegance and natural femininity of women of South Italy, which recalls the richness of this sun-kissed and seaside area.”
— Nicola Benedetti, Aveda Guest Artist and Member of Aveda Team Italy

“Our main hairstyle needs a perfect execution and the right styling products— and of course the right dose of ‘Italian Style’. We hope this look will really inspire.”
—Laura Benazzo, Aveda Guest Artist and Member of Aveda Team Italy

“I have designed a makeup segment to celebrate the products that I am most excited about this season. My goal is to inspire Aveda Artists while giving them tangible tools to help them grow their business and create beautiful looks in their communities.”
Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup

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