The robust spirit of Nepal

A year since the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, the communities continue to rebuild.

In April 2015 a shocking 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit Kathmandu, Nepal. This was followed by a series of more than 400 major aftershocks of above 4 magnitudes through November 2015. Out of the 75 districts of Nepal, the earthquake affected 31 districts, and the total losses and damages were enormous, including lost lives, homes and schools.

Many people from around the world immediately reached out to the Nepali communities to help, including you. Thanks to your donations, the Aveda Donor Advised Fund at Global Greengrants and our parent company, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., the disaster relief funds have been supporting ANSAB (Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources) who are on the ground helping the communities.

Aveda’s relationship with Nepal began in 2007 when we started to work with the Himalayan Bio-Trade (HBTL) papermaking cooperative, the creators of the lokta bark paper that today is our signature holiday giftwrap. As we reported in December, we’ve been relieved to learn that the Aveda handmade paper program is getting back on its feet and is providing hope to the papermaking communities

Clean Water in Nepal

Since 2012, ANSAB has received funds from our Earth Month Light the Way™ Candle through Global Greengrants Fund, an international non-profit organization that provides grants to grassroots groups to support communities to solve environmental problems. These funds have been used to implement clean water systems in 9 different communities within the Dolakha, Sindhupalchok and Surkhet districts, ultimately providing clean water access to 662 households and 2 schools.

We are very happy to report that a large part of the water systems remain intact due to very sound construction under the direction of ANSAB’s civil engineer, Kabita Gyawali— the only female engineer in the community.

“The paper making facility in Everest Gateway in Jiri suffered limited damage compared to others, and is a great example of the critical role solid construction plays in withstanding natural disasters,” said Melissa Chelminiak, Aveda Director of Mission Engagement.

Melissa visited the communities this past winter to see the progress. “Many of the recovery efforts reported in December are still underway and continue to move in a positive direction,” Melissa says. “The strength of the people of Nepal is at the heart of their labors. Their resilience and graceful nature to not just survive, but to thrive and emerge stronger is a true testament to who they are as people.”

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