5 Tips to Thicker Hair

While a great haircut and the proper hair color application are surefire way to help skinny strands look beautifully thicker, there are also a few fast and easy styling techniques to help hair look more lush.

Tip 1:  HANDLE WITH CARE - thin hair is delicate, so treat it gently as you can.  To avoid unnecessary tugging, try detangling while you are in the shower. Apply conditioner to wet hair and use a wide-tooth comb to carefully detangle any knots, working from the ends up.

Tip 2:  FOCUS ON THE ENDS - applying too much conditioner on the top of your head can weigh down your hair, so focus the application from mid-section to ends.

TIP 3:  SOFTEN UP - for added fullness ..not frizz, try blotting hair with an absorbent old t-shirt rather than rubbing it with a terry cloth towel.  T-shirts are gentler on the hair because they don't have grooves that towels often do.  They only absorb the excess water, as opposed to the moisture from your hair.

TIP 4:  RISE TO THE OCCASION - Use your fingers to lift your roots up and away from your scalp. 

TIP 5:  STAY LOOSE - When you wear a pony tail stay clear from tight elastics as they cause breakage. 

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